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We still have millions of surfers per day looking for great experiences and entertainment and hundreds of webmasters looking to increase profitability.

We provide the back end software, that controls the content and traffic flow across the operations of thousands of sites. Every day active webmasters log into their adminstration systems and check in with us for security updates and new opportunities.

Do you have a great way to monetize peoples sites? Well if so, Comus webmasters want what you have. If you can increase their traffic, increase their bank accounts, or make life and work easier for them, then lets partner up and make them some money!

And hopefully, lets all make some money together, Contact me in the ticket system.. Epower/Comus ticket system

I'm always looking for advertisers for Comus, this is a very important revenue stream for our business but what we really want is good quality programs, which offer good quality experiences to the front line consumers. We will evaluate what you offer, and if it doesn't deliver, we can't let it into the network, it's just too damaging to everyones business. I've been down that path before, and it was a big mistake.

So it's not about me making huge amounts of money out of you, advertising rates here will be very very affordable, and we can track things so that you only pay when you actually increase your business, but the most important thing is that we only want those who are able to help our webmasters grow and expand.

In our day we had millions of surfers and hundreds of webmasters, we've seen over 20,000 installs of our products go down, and looking ahead at new markets and potentials we're cooking up mainstream applications and eyeing networks like myspace, wordpress, joomla, twitter, you tube and other social networks, as comus provides marketing tools to the people behind the front lines of the online marketing world. So we want long term advertising and marketing partners.

The right partners will get into our forums, on our landing pages, inside the administration pages of our applications, onto the webmaster sign up pages, into the start up databases, where they can build their affiliate networks and get out in front of customers.

We want to interview you and showcase your operations and content on the welcome pages of our sites.

Ultimately it's about monetizing the operations of our partners, and offering value and quality to the end users, in such a way that it contributes value to everyone without degrading the network. Without this type of operation, we shrink into decline and it gets very tough for everyone involved.

Well, that's the kind of thing I think we need to grow our businesses into the future, I hope someone out there feels the same way and we can do great things together.

Regards Tony, hit me up in the ticket system if you're a legitimate business person looking to do great things.